Hey there!

I'm Zack Muenz, an art director in Denver.

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My Work

4 pages of an ebook stacked on each other on top of a light gray background with topographic lines overlayed
Multicolored magenta and orange gradient background with a film icon centered in the middle and a stencil-like "Z" and "M" in white centered within the film icon
Orange background with white topographic lines across it. The words Waystar Advisory Board are centered in the image with a compass rose above them
Photograph of the Waystar tradeshow booth with a gray overlay on top. The logo for Waystar along with "@" and the logo for HFMA in the center.
Cover for the Patient Financial Experience eBook featuring a black woman using her phone and a green circle behind the cover
The number 2021 in outlines with an orange-tinted mountain image that starts in the bottom left and rises gradually to the top right, completely filling the number "1" at the end. The text below reads "WAYSTAR GROWTH SUMMIT"
Two digital eBook covers in a thumbnail image
The word Innovation in red overlaid on top of the iconography of a trophy being held by a hand and an up arrow below the trophy
The eSolutions logo above a mockup of multiple pieces of branded eSolutions content below